“REJUVENATE  Living Community – to  make YOU look or feel young and energetic again”.

  welcome3As the Meaning describes, you can expect from HOLY VISION Living Community. We believe older adulthood is filled with potential, possibilities and passions. Why not ignite your interests and quality of life by rejuvenating your living?

Holy vision Living Community is a mission-driven, not-for-profit organization for enriching senior and youngster lives in INDIA. “HOLY VISION LIVING COMMUNITY is real, inspiring, uplifting, and guaranteed to lift your spirits and inspire your life—no matter what is going on!”. 

The Holy vision living community has a vision to help establish life- changing Humanity in all the cultures of our country.We intend to establish a number of Integrated community colonies across the Telangana and Andhrapradesh where differnt cultures can meet, plan, and execute world changing projects.. Working together, we can help accomplish those things God wants to influence our culture with the ultimate goal of bringing more people to God for enriching their lives.